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Lemmings tossed monthly for literature

Ode to words

Flying Lemmings Book Group
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Literature is important in enlightening our minds and expanding our horizons. But I still have to force myself to read sometimes. We will choose a book each month to read, analyze the book, and toss lemmings over the cliff based on how much we liked the book.

The Lemming Scale:
No lemmings: Terrible book. Complete waste of time. Please don't read this book.
1 lemming: This had minor redeming qualities, but was in all other ways bad.
2 lemmings: The book was interesting, but there are a lot of better or more enjoyable books out there.
3 lemmings: This was a good book and definitely worth reading.
4 lemmings: A very good book that was well written and made me think or was very compelling. I couldn't stop reading.
5 lemmings: Anyone who doesn't read this book should be tossed off the cliff with along with all of these lemmings.

We will choose a variety of books that span different generas including mystery, fantasy, science fiction, classics, plays, short stories, and nonfiction. This is also an effort to expand horizons. Suggestions are welcome, but may be ignored.

However, we are not open to including anything. Self-help books will be excluded unless we are given a very good reason. Also, anything that is too smutty will be disdained. Warnings should be included with books that contain strong sexuality or crude language. This means Romance novels with descriptions of sexual encounters are not going to be read.

And remember, entries will not be moderated until I have a reason to do so. Please don't give me one.