spunkylizard (spunkylizard) wrote in flying_lemmings,

Look! A book for February early!

In my goal of getting the book chosen and announced in a reasonable manner, here is the book for February:

Snow by Orhan Pamuk

It is about the differences between cultures and the strife and contention that are caused within society. For the literary minded, it is about a poet who seeks for his long lost love. For the politically minded, it is about terrorism and the causes of it. For the people who are interested in a story, it is about a person who returns to his roots to find the area changed and compromises with everyone to try and be happy.

I am going to continue to try and get the book out by the 20th of each month, but more realistically expect the 25th. January was a miserable failure, but the book is short to make up for it. Happy reading!
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